How are you currently ensuring a clean, healthy and safe environment for your students?

Covid Cleaning NJ

2021 Covid Cleaning NJ

• Luckily, the youth are less impacted by COVID-19, but we still don’t know the long-term
effects of the disease. It’s critical to appropriately disinfect all surfaces, walls and floors
to minimize the risk of spread.
• Exceeding CDC guidelines, we have one of the strongest disinfection protocols in the
market. Our processes clean, disinfect, and protect your facility(ies), and provide a
shield of certification upon completion.
• Our ServiceMaster Clean programs and tiers of certification deliver consistently clean
and disinfected environments for stakeholders.
-Routine cleaning and disinfection utilizing EPA-registered disinfectants effective against COVID with focus on high-touch surfaces
-In addition to regular cleaning and disinfection, the application of our antimicrobial shield providing 90 days of protection for surfaces
-Our CASPR system to continuously eliminate pathogens in the air and on surfaces replicating the process sunlight does outdoors to create cleaner, safer, and healthier air and surfaces.
• Our expertise in healthcare and hospitals allows us to bring that same expertise into your facility, SMC’s training aligns with and has the seal of approval from AHE (Association for Healthcare Environmentalists) as a part of the American Hospital Association.

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