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President’s Welcome

Our Company’s vision is to be the top cleaning company of choice in the Tristate Area, providing an unrivaled service experience to our customers. We cannot accomplish that without YOU! You have an integral role in helping us achieve this vision as an Alliance team member, and we deeply value your commitment to our customers, our work family, and yourself as a professional.

We welcome you to ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Alliance and thank you for taking on this responsibility. We focus on doing the job right the first time. This means that we stress the importance of dedication, determination, integrity, and high-quality service from each and every team member.

Why Us?

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Alliance is a company that prides itself on its employees. An Alliance is a bond, connection, or relationship between people who have joined together to achieve a common goal that is mutually beneficial. The definition of this word embodies our vision of how we work together as a company, as coworkers, and as service providers. We will make every effort to support you and to create an environment in which you can achieve your highest level of excellence.

We are excited for a bright future and we are delighted to have you as part of our Alliance team.  

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Anthony Talarico


Anthony Talarico studied Business Management and Organizational Leadership and was a two-year captain on the Men's Soccer Team. He credits his role as a student-athlete as the instrumental force in jump-starting his career as a young professional. Upon graduation, Anthony was hired at Target as a store manager. He spent 18 months learning many important lessons, including the value of outstanding customer service as well as employee satisfaction. He joined the ServiceMaster TBS Team in 2008 and quickly began to implement new systems and organizational strategies aimed at making the operation run as smooth as possible. Over the last decade, Anthony has developed an operations division that is committed to teamwork and focused on customer service.

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Greg Kwiatanowski


Greg Kwiatanowski has over 20 years experience in the facility services industry. He started his career working for a 3rd party management company, overseeing a variety of regional and national customers. Greg joined the ServiceMaster family in 2007 to pursue the opportunity of business ownership. At ServiceMaster, Greg developed a passion for employee development and customer service. “Having a positive impact on the personal success of an individual on our team by creating new opportunities for growth and employee development is what motivates me to keep working harder to grow our business." Greg believes that his commitment to providing consistent, reliable and trustworthy service for all customers has been the key component in driving the growth of the business to become one of the largest ServiceMaster franchises in the nation. Greg aims to provide maximum value at competitive costs.

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Harry Santoro


Harry Santoro, CPA is our Chief Financial Officer and currently serves as our Director of Human Resources. He joined ServiceMaster in 2008 to help us organize our finances and to install management systems that will help us grow and thrive by providing high-quality services to our customers and by offering career opportunities to our employees. Mr. Santoro has extensive experience in finance and corporate governance. Over the past ten years, we have embarked on a program of continuous quality improvement that has allowed us to become one of the largest and fastest growing janitorial services companies in the Tri-State region.

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